It’s an Emergency… In Love’s Fast Lane

iStock_000021439209XSmallHave you ever found yourself doing two hundred kilometers an hour in Love’s Fast Lane? Orange lights are popping up everywhere, along  with a few hundred red ones, but for some reason that you don’t care to explore, you speed straight through them?

It’s okay to ignore these red signals for more than a while, it’s like a game of Frogger, as long as you don’t have a high speed collision or lose control, you can speed along in Love’s Fast Lane for as long as you please… that is of course until you run out of fuel… or burn out the engine… or get a flat tyre, maybe you need to stop for food and re-hydration, or maybe if, as  the philosophers of old believed, the world is flat, you will simply keep driving until you fall off the edge like Thelma and Louise.

He’s handsome, with a fantastic smile, he’s generous, caring and interested in everything about you, he’s funny and you find yourselves laughing together all day long. The savvy owner of a successful business, ambitious and goal orientated, he runs his world with precision. There’s nothing his heart desires that he with holds from himself, beautiful homes, acreages  multiple brand new vehicles and boats. You cannot believe your luck, and if you don’t ask yourself, “Why isn’t he taken?” then others will ask it for you. The thought may also cross your mind, “This seems too good to be true,” and again if it doesn’t, your friends may mention it to you on your behalf.

Oh it’s exhilarating isn’t it, driving along this fast? You can’t be blamed for not noticing the WRONG WAY GO BACK sign screaming out at you from the side of the road. Well, you think that’s what it said, you are just going too fast to make out the words, along with being totally focused on your fabulous driver! You could’ve asked him to stop, turn around and check it out, but why slow down now? Yes you know speeding is wrong (yawn), but it’s so exciting. You think you may have passed that sign when he laughed haughtily at your hourly pay rate, but he gave you a poke in the ribs and said he was only joking of course. There may have been another one when his mood suddenly went from being jovial and fun to dark and solemn for no apparent reason, (except that it seemed to be something you did to set it off). He put this down to a bad day, he did after all have “So much on his plate, running a business is harder than you realise.” Oops, your bad.

You are just about definite you saw one of those signs when he called you “Dumb”, “Doey”, and a “Loser”, but after you confronted him on this name-calling, he so quickly reverted back to his jovial fun-loving self, that you decided you mustn’t have seen one of those signs after all. “Everyone has bad days,” you reason with yourself, why let one bad day ruin a wonderful ride?

So you continue head-first into this whirl-wind romance, swept of your feet at every instance, being left with no footing you are bound to fall, you could fall straight into his rescuing arms, or you could fall straight onto the concrete, breaking your back, and be scooped up by him… into his rescuing arms. Either way, you are going to need him when you fall.

 You couldn’t possibly foresee at this early stage, an evil scheme working behind the guise of love. You don’t know that if you stay in this vehicle, not yet, but way further down the road, it’s not going to stop for you when you’re hungry or need to use the bathroom, and forget stopping to see an art gallery or a beautiful beach scene, all those things you love so much, all those things that are you. No, you will be lucky to get out of this vehicle alive. How you exit the vehicle will depend on how long you chose to stay in it. If you can, right now where you are, open the door and fling yourself from the speeding vehicle, the damage will be less and recovery faster in the long run.

If you choose to stay a long time, it may well be an emergency worker pulling you out from a wreckage. Red light runners will inevitably one day have a fatal collision. Who and how many people involved in the collision will depend on your driver, you may collide with a single girl in an oncoming vehicle, or maybe the collision will be with a girl who’s partner is in the passenger seat, maybe it will be a whole car full of girls, or it could well be with a bus full of many various people including your friends and family members. The problem is, if you’ve left it until collision time to exit the vehicle,  by the time you wake up in the casualty department with multiple  injuries, you are more than likely to be in such a mal-nourished and weakened state that you lack the necessary nutrients for your healing.

But hey, let’s not think about that morbid stuff right now, that’s a long long way off, back to fun, pull down your Gucci shades baby and push back that convertible rooftop, its time to fly ……………… to be continued…………..


8 thoughts on “It’s an Emergency… In Love’s Fast Lane

  1. Amazing to read this and thank you for sharing this. It’s so confusing and humiliating to be in that out of control fast line. This is sure too help others that need so much healing from that malnourished empty painful state.

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