Red means STOP!

Still driving along at exhilarating speed, running those reds like there’s no tomorrow, you feel totally invincible and wonderful! There’s nothing you can’t accomplish, there’s nothing you can’t be, anything you thought you may have lacked, you now realise it’s quite the opposite, there’s nothing you lack at all! You are beautiful, sexy, smart, strong, and in fact… incredible! If Mr Incredible, who himself is so amazing, has stamped you with approval – indeed this means that you too are amazing!

Your cheeks are flushed, your eyes are sparkling, you wonder how you could’ve lived a life iStock_000017108927XSmallso dull up until now. Everyone tells you; “You look fantastic lately, you are glowing.” They put it down to the new driver in your life and you can’t help but agree. Mr Incredible (so full of personality and so successful) is giving you his one hundred per cent attention, showering you with gifts and making huge promises of a wonderful future, he loves to make you laugh and wants to see you happy, oh yes, he is just so incredible!

So why are you running those reds again? Did I hear you say, “It feels good?” Oh yes, it feels sooo good, you can’t remember the last time you felt this good, that’s because Mr Incredible is offering you drugs – the Mr Incredible drug. Somewhere deep down in your Knowing Self, you suspect this to be the case, but closer to the surface, your Delusional Self takes the lead, “It’s harmless” your delusional self tells (or sells) you, or more disturbingly, “It’s real.” You wonder if Mr Incredible is on drugs too, maybe you are his drug of choice, oh what a wonderful thought, you certainly do hope so!

You are convinced that this is the first time Mr Incredible has taken drugs, indeed you think it’s a first for both of you, you don’t know yet that he has taken them his whole life, he knows how to change drugs abruptly when their effects wear off. Not experienced with the world of drugs, you feel that you are still in control and if another red light appears, you can opt out at any time, for now it’s just harmless feel-good fun… and it feels sooo good.

The Mr Incredible drug has taken you to heights beyond your wildest imagination, he’s made you feel invincible, powerful, beautiful, he’s lured you in with deceptions and flattery, and you’ve bought them, yes you’ve made a purchase. You think it’s costing you nothing, but indeed, it is costing you everything. Soon, while you are busy riding your glory cloud called the “Wonderful You” he will strike you slyly in your side, laughing when you flinch, maybe it was when you discovered his first lie, or when he cut you down to size with a sarcastic insult, it’s another set of red lights, but it’s too late to stop now. The strike in your side takes you by surprise, you feel a little hurt and confused, you lose your balance slightly, but Mr Incredible comes to the rescue, he exalts you back to your glory cloud where you were before and you allow that wonderful warm feeling to envelope you again. You give yourself over fully and relax into it. A little voice inside screams out that maybe it’s not a good idea, but you silence her abruptly, she threatens to destroy this wonderful feeling and your illusion of Mr Incredible, strangle her, gag her, kick her in the face, whatever you need to do to silence her and protect your new-found glory cloud.

Onward you forge with confident poise, you’ve never walked so tall in all your life. You don’t know about drugs, but one day you will, one day you will find yourself walking down Kings Cross Road staring drug addiction in the face; crouched down in the gutter, naked, old and empty like Gollum, and you will never again wonder how those people got there, alas, you will be there yourself.  – Check out this video link for helpful insights; the definition of addiction and why we look to distractions to fulfill our emptiness.


2 thoughts on “Red means STOP!

  1. Oh the sting of Mr Incredible’s insult really leaves a burn like no other. We need to really stop and listen to that little voice, she loves us and is always speaking the truth!

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