About Me

The perfect target…

It’s very hard for people who haven’t been intimately involved with narcissism to really understand it in all its depths, and really why would they need to? Usually these people do not qualify as targets to the narcissist, they simply lack the necessary credentials essential to playing the role allocated by the narcissistic personality. Narc’s are complex people with complex issues who cause serious damage. Tormented and tormenting souls, they study their potentials with x-ray like vision to see if they have what it takes to be broken down, controlled and manipulated. Targets are usually soft, empathetic, caring, forgiving individuals, often they are pre-programed or trained from childhood to play these roles. Possibly raised by a narcissistic, overtly abusive or ambient abusive parent and/or made the scapegoat of the family, they are often prone to letting others tell them who or what they are.

During the course of my life I have been this target in several situations and significant relationships.  One day I woke up, looked myself squarely in the mirror and decided that this had to stop, it was time for change. Here my journey began, I needed to know why and how, I needed a much deeper understanding of the true nature and character of the narcissistic disordered personality and most importantly, I needed to know more about myself.

Embarking on this journey has not been easy and certainly hardest at its beginning stages, yet the end result is most incredibly rewarding and completely empowering.  My joy is inexpressible and my cup overflows.




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